About Us
The Beginning
A lead in our industry, LACASA was born out of the belief in solution oriented businesses that offers consumers a variety of products ranging from day to day house-necessities products to complementary items required for big industries to function by exceptional standards.
By employing a consumer centric approach which focuses on your needs, no matter who you are -a household owner or a business ownerLACASA intends to find you the solutions you seek for a practical and functional living or an operational business.
We are a leading importer and distributor of HORECA products and home furniture on the Lebanese market. We look for HORECA innovations around the world and bring them to you- at the comfort of your home or business. What differentiates us is the added layer of exceptional logistics management we offer to deliver your products in their best shape and at the minimum time required. Our products caracterized by flexibility and can be taken with you.