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Our Story

Established in 2020, LACASA s.a.r.l mission is to provide solutions.
We Supply a wide range of plastic products with high quality to ensure market needs and customer
satisfaction. We strive for continuous progress by getting valuable products, for improving our service by
sustaining the relationship with our clients tuning ourselves through flexibility.
Serving multinational companies and NGOs upgraded our level to international standards creating more
opportunities and development.
LACASA is a family business established in Lebanon since 2005. It is an official distributor of
the sister company 3MPlast factory specialized in producing long lasting plastic products as
chairs, tables, pallets and bins. In addition to that, LACASA’s added value is to import
additional branded products to fill the gap of goods specialized in but not limited to hospitals,
NGOs and restaurants.
Through its experience in the field, LACASA will launch its e-commerce platform and is a
promoter of sustainable products and a circular economy. LACASA market research will
initiate new lines such as waste management solutions, cleaning and hygiene products, shelving
solutions, outdoor furniture and road safety.
LACASA is proud to have been partnering with some of the most successful international
companies and NGOs with their high standards and needs. LACASA offers the service of
distributing all its goods to its clients in the market efficiently.
Products: pallets, waste management solutions, cleaning and hygiene products, shelving
solutions, outdoor furniture and road safety.
Stand-alone business.
Home Office: Dawha-Lebanon.
Approximate number of employees: 7.
Markets in which you operate: All over Lebanon.


LACASA will always be a step ahead marketplace by the power of change.


To distribute all its goods in reliable, innovative, sustainable and cost-effective ways. Creating
the best distribution process in technology and solutions, fulfilling ongoing market demand.
Working effectively towards creating demand products and passage to new markets.


Positive change by promoting sustainable products. Innovation by creating products that satisfy
client’s needs.


Ultimate efficiency in delivering goods to the right place and time in the proper condition.
Physical distribution planning alignment with the overall channel strategy.
Create an effective tracking performance.
Getting everyone on the same page.
To strengthen the relationship with stakeholders by offering an efficient platform.
To effectively contribute with the institutions interests and potential needs.

Objectives statements:

Financial:  Make sure to safeguard 15% return on investment.
Cost reduction by minimizing expenses.
Sales: Increase sales by 30% annually.
Strengthen existing market.
Initiate new product lines and open new markets.
Human Resources: Team collaboration and sharing new ideas.
Personal and professional development.
Employee training.
Align employees towards common company goals.